Social Media

We are not Social Media

At Allegr, we redefine community engagement by prioritising genuine connections over profit. Unlike social media platforms, designed to capture attention and benefit advertisers, our platform serves its members—never users.

We operate on a business model where communities directly fund our services, ensuring their interests are always at the forefront, free from third-party interests and manipulative algorithms.
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Focus on Community, Not Profit

Social media platforms are primarily designed to monopolise user attention, optimising content to keep individuals engaged as long as possible for the benefit of advertisers. This model often prioritizes business interests over user well-being, leading to a space dominated by advertising rather than meaningful community interaction.

At Allegr, we take a fundamentally different approach. Our platform is built for members, not for profit. We avoid referring to those who join our platform as "users" because they are members of a community—a term that signifies belonging and collective benefit rather than the impersonality of user statistics.

Directly Funded by Communities

Our business model is transparent and aligned with the interests of our members. We operate on a subscription or fee basis paid by the community organisations or member themselves. This ensures that our platform is tailored to serve the real needs of these communities without the interference of external advertisers or third-party beneficiaries.

By funding our service directly, communities maintain control over their environment, free from the external pressures and influences that dominate typical social media platforms.

Intentional Design for Meaningful Interaction

Unlike social media, which often functions more like a broadcast medium than a tool for conversation, Allegr facilitates meaningful, two-way communication. Social media can spread messages far and wide but often fails to foster genuine interaction.

Our platform encourages active participation and dialogue, supporting deeper connections and more personal engagement.

Protection from Harmful Algorithms

Social media users are frequently subjected to powerful algorithms designed to manipulate emotions and promote addictive behaviours. These algorithms dictate what users see, often without transparency or alignment with user well-being. In contrast, Allegr does not use manipulative algorithms; our platform is designed to support healthy, constructive engagement without exploiting psychological vulnerabilities.

Ensuring Safe and Focused Community Spaces

Community managers using social media must navigate a landscape where their followers are constantly bombarded by external content, including advertisements and unrelated media, which can dilute the community experience and expose members to risks. Allegr provides a dedicated space where community managers can ensure that interactions are focused solely on community content, free from unwanted distractions and risks associated with broader social media exposure.

By choosing Allegr, communities can embrace a platform truly designed for them—a safe, focused environment that champions real connections and the well-being of its members.

Technology slowly, but insidiously, moved the balance of social time away from the people who mattered most.

Professor Robin Dunbar
Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Psychology, University of Oxford


We are transforming the way communities connect and support their members. If you are looking to better support your members, please get in touch.