How we can help your employees and company to thrive

Our corporate programmes create a framework to connect and unite employees through activity

  • We create opportunities for human connection, through shared activity
  • Close proximity to, or within, the workplace
  • Wholly inclusive with a diverse array of activity options
  • An ongoing framework of support and accountability
  • Advocating an encouraging, ‘just show up’ philosophy, with no judgement
  • Building lasting habits, that drive value for your people and company.
  • Result? A connected, happy employees = thriving workforce

Seated in behavioural science.
Delivered by humans.
With a commitment to long term success.

There are 3 pillars to our corporate offering:

Community Building Platform

Well beyond an App, Allegr will provide you with an entire Community Building Platform - where your company and workforce take centre stage.

Our platform brings together
communication, events and activities, commitment and purpose into a single unified system.

Carefully designed to
engage your workforce but not distract.

A single purpose - to enhance human connection, and thereafter, happiness and productivity.

Content & Learning Programme

Bespoke: the content and learning programmes are entirely bespoke to your company objectives. Constructed for your leadership team, your workforce and designed to meet your organisation’s specific goals

Onsite & Online: Programme content is delivered on-site and online

Content: our core programme is developed by our in-house specialists. The programme is then enhanced by enlisting world-class partners, relevant to the needs of company


We build purpose-driven events for your staff. The inbuilt purpose creates lasting, positive change.

Events are based around the guiding principles of Allegr. These are not the hardest, longest, fastest or toughest challenges. But, they are different.

They will improve, inspire and connect your workforce - individually and collectively.

Events can be purposed as new Campaigns or channelled towards existing charity affiliations.

Technology and market innovation is rapid; but human evolution is not    

The modelling of our Corporate Programmes, and the principles upon which they are based, have an unfaltering focus on basic human needs.

We profoundly believe that lasting and meaningful change for individuals, and the companies for whom they work, are derived from satisfying the fundamental requirements of human fulfilment. 

“If business is about growing relationships,
then connection is at the root.”

Jeff Boss
World Economic Forum

Stronger connections between people

People are happier and healthier

Your workforce is more productive

Simple. Thorough. Lasting

The premise is simple. The execution is thorough. The outcomes are lasting. 

Our Corporate Programmes are not designed as a quick win, but to make a meaningful and lasting difference.

“Happy, engaged employees take 3.9 sick days per year,
compared to 10.5 days take by ‘disengaged, unhappy’ employees”

To speak to us about our Programme and how we can help you, please get in touch.