How do we help you and your community?

We will provide you with the Allegr App.  A Community Building Platform that brings together communication, activity and event planning in one place.  It will channel your members' sense of belonging, commitment and purpose - and most importantly of all, get them together - and off the App!

What makes it so effective?

  • A technological aid  - not an addictive prop
  • Helps members to organise activities, meet and share experiences in person
  • Once utilised for communication and planning, members encouraged away from the App
  • An ongoing framework of support and accountability for community members

“A prime goal of Allegr is to help community groups be more cohesive, effective and efficient; 
within themselves and between one another. 

Optimising activity and communication for these groups and their initiatives”

Ben Burch

Simple. Thorough. Lasting

The premise is simple. The execution is thorough. The outcomes are lasting. 

Design based in robust behavioural science, to make a meaningful and lasting difference.  And derived from a focus on satisfying basic human needs.

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much”

Helen Keller