The Journey... 

1980s onwards

Modern lifestyles and digital culture have eroded opportunities to interact in person.

Families are more geographically distanced.

We text, WhatsApp and email. We don’t call, visit or meet.

August 2017

Ben’s daughter underwent, and survived, open heart surgery, at just 4 days old.

He was bewildered and felt compelled to make a difference.

This started with a charity fundraiser for Royal Brompton Hospital.

September 2018

The fundraiser.

We ran. Together.   We connected. 

A shared experience.  A shared purpose.  Everybody mattered.

The seed was sown.


The Allegr concept was conceived.

A platform helping communities and society find joy, through activity and human connection.


COVID-19 tests humanity across the globe.

Never has the requirement for human connection become more exposed and apparent.

Allegr is launched.