who we are. what we do.

The Allegr Foundation is a Not-for-Profit with a charitable purpose.

(Charity application in progress)

We promote community participation in healthy activities, to improve mental and physical health.

We believe in and champion the social power of community

These events strengthen human connection - delivering mental and physical health benefits.

We connect people by curating and supporting positive, in-person activities, with a shared purpose.

Our Formula

Activity +

Community +

Purpose =

Body & MInd

Where there is shared activity and purpose, there is drive, alignment and a collective sense of belonging. Together, individuals will thrive. Together, we can achieve more.

We are simply Better Together.

We fundamentally believe that by bringing people together around a rewarding purpose, sharing in an activity, uniting towards a common goal - we can be a living demonstration that we are Better Together.

Ben Burch, Co-founder.