Allegr Technology

Reconnection : Reimagined

We believe in humane technology
It is hard wired into our values, business model and aspirations.

Our Pledge

We harness the positives of technology

To enhance human connection and shared activity - not detract from it

A Connection Paradox

In today's world of constant 'connection' - through email, WhatsApp, social media, instant news … we spend so much time trying to connect through our phones, trying to be part of many groups, that we are moving further and further away from being a part of anything of substance.

It's so easy to spend more hours digitally chatting with people we barely know, than connecting meaningfully with those we love the most.

This tech-fuelled, instant connectivity, can often weaken friendship and is, in fact, creating increased disconnection; pulling us away from that tangible handshake or real hug.

And, as long as social media is driven by advertising and personal data is for sale, this will never change ...

“Reliance on technology has left us fatigued;

Our human connections are more rare and valuable than ever before.

The winning formula is to use technology to support human experiences”

From CX to HX, WPI Report 2020

Here's how ...

Our App exists as a stimulus for human connection - supporting and nurturing the fundamental Allegr premise and process

Our technology is designed to encourage you away from your device and to get you interacting in person

Rooted in robust behavioural science, the app is sensitively designed to trigger and maintain people’s intrinsic motivation - to engage in person, encourage sustainable habits which fuel longevity in health and happiness

It maintains conversation and consolidates community, in between activities

Its functionality
helps groups organise these activities efficiently and effectively

It ensures individuals feel they
belong, that they matter

“Creating human connection is a much deeper source of value than capturing human attention”

David Jay
Centre for Humane Technology

We care about you. And we care about your identity.

Your identity is yours.  Protected.  Not ours.  Or anyone else's

Make no mistake.…we don’t want your data

All personally identifiable information is permanently anonymised and protected.

Further thoughts and principles

We believe that we have a social responsibility, our role is to be open, to be empathetic, to be honest and to be humble. We won’t get everything right but we will learn as we evolve.

These are our principles, we are not alone and we are not perfect.
We want to join the conversation and make technology strive for a better world, not to divide the one we have.
We’d really love to talk about this, we feel it is our responsibility and, with that, comes our desire to learn more.
The Center for Humane Technology is a thought leader on this topic. Please get in touch with us to learn more.