Our Programme

Community and Connection for the Workforce

Meetings are online. Working from home is here to stay.

Company off-sites are cancelled. Away-days are a thing of the past. Business travel is uncertain.

Employees need to connect, communicate and interact in person.

Remote is simply not enough.

Reconnection.  Reimagined.

“71% of people are struggling to adjust to remote work and … people working from home are reporting mental health challenges”

Society for Human Resource Management

The Allegr Programme will be the catalyst to bring your workforce together, safely, to talk, share interests, exercise … in person.

We will:

  • Reunite and galvanise your employees to make contact, meet and move again
  • Provide energising and refreshing dialogue, away from technology
  • Reinstate the feeling of belonging among your workforce
  • Reinforce the fact they matter – individually and as part of your team
  • Frame the experience with purpose and positivity


Programme Content & Delivery:


The catalyst for action

  • Dialogue / chat
  • Shared interest groups
  • Event planner
  • Habit tracker
  • Charity accumulative counter

Activity Sessions

Shared human experience

  • Activity - together. 
  • Chess, walk, paint, jog, run, cycle.
  • Opportunity for dialogue
  • Walking (meetings)


Simple shared identity

  • Visor
  • Sunglasses
  • T shirt
  • Bracelet
  • Notebook


Creating purpose beyond the self

  • Accumulative targets
  • Donate when reach goals
  • CSR Alignment

Speaker Programme

Expert advice, training and coaching

  • In person
  • Aspirational and inspirational thought leaders
  • World-class content and delivery

Development Modules

Online thought provoking content and learning

  • Webinar/Seminar
  • Guided discussion topics
  • Modular programme

All programmes are bespoke for you, built from a library of modules with a mixture of online and in-person content all delivered by our partners.

The Development Modules

  • Well-being & Emotional Resilience
  • Creating & Managing Positive Change  
  • Building Meaningful Human Connections
  • Creating a Psychologically Safe Environment
  • Creating a Sense of Belonging
  • Finding Joy and your Search for Happiness
  • Building Lasting Habits
  • Learning and Building Intrinsic Motivation
  • Mental Health First Aid