Our Better Together Platform

Our ‘Better Together’ digital platform uniquely combines community, personal goal setting, events, messaging and fundraising functions, delivered using ethical technology, with our members’ best interests at its core.

Our technology is rooted in principles that enhance mental and physical well-being, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

  • Our Platform is a technological aid and a catalyst for positive, in-person experiences 
  • Brings people together  
  • Aids communication and efficiency in activity and event planning 
  • Generates a sense of belonging - every member matters
  • Channels commitment and purpose
  • Maintains conversation and consolidates community, in between activities
  • Carefully designed to encourage members away from the App and to interact in person
  • An ongoing framework of support and accountability
  • A support structure and ‘technology-with-purpose’

The building blocks of our platform are not new.

But how we bring them together is totally unique.

“Our technology is unprecedented and unique in its aim.

It paradoxically encourages all members off the digital screen
and to interact in person”

Ben Burch

Allegr's Military App video walk-through...

Functionality - Built around our Key Allegr Tenets


The ability to communicate simply and efficiently with each other is an important function in building community

We focus on the conversation, keeping the communication focused and relevant.

Groups, filters, search, threads and focus all work in harmony to address the overload of content and help our members focus on conversation


Identity and our members’ identity, by definition, is entirely personal.

And so we do not prescribe a profile.

We do not enforce visibility.

Members are free to present themselves to their community how they wish, and to the extent they wish.


Activity options are broad and our platform does not prescribe.

Totally inclusive.

We believe and encourage our members to participate together, to interact and explore, to challenge and be challenge.

The choice is personal.

We believe in encouraging shared human experience, whatever the chosen activity.


One of the most important aspects to feeling safe within our tribe - a basic human need.

The Allegr Platform cultivates shared interest and activity groups, which foster this inherent sense of belonging that humans desire.

You Matter

Centre yourself with a reminder of what matters to you.   And to remind you that you matter.

Your identity matters, your conversations matter, your interests matter, your activity matters, your community matters.

And you matter to them.


Compassion is the foremost of all human virtues. It simply needs the opportunity to be channeled.

Identifying a ‘purpose’, whether individual or collective, amplifies humanity’s instinct to deliver, to achieve, to be kind.

Purpose provides an unequivocal focus and intent.

The Allegr Platform provides a road map and support system to direct this innate compassion

Bringing members and their Campaigns together - we champion every purpose which matters to every member


Progress towards a goal requires commitment.

Simple, but not easy.

We encourage our members to be consistent with their commitment.

To become accountable to themselves, and to others.

This accountability is helped by sharing goals, and sharing the journey. The challenges, the obstacles, the fails and the triumphs.

This transparency of progress along one’s journey is encouraged, applauded and fuels commitment.

Allegr’s supportive framework, engaging the crew and community into the process, helps every individual commit to these important daily habits and the ultimate achievement of goals.