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Activity +

Community +

Purpose =

Body & MInd

Event Philosophy

Not the hardest, not the furthest. But our events are different.

They will improve you, inspire you and connect you.

Our events centre on the simple premise that you give your 100% and support those around you.

Challenges where you will keep advancing - not because you have to, but because you want to.

Where your success is measured by personal accomplishment, NOT quantified by a medal, a number or a time.

Challenges built on the belief that lasting achievements and joy are derived from within.

"This is a commitment.  To give your best.
For yourself.  For others. That is all that you can do."

Ben Burch

Our Event Mantras


Run, walk, wheel… just move.

This is about you, your internal goals and the simple act of forward motion.

Make the commitment to yourself, to your friends and colleagues.

Commit to surpass expectation of what you think is possible.

From step one onward, your commitment is what counts.


Find purpose, seek meaning.

There is no target or minimum to raise, this is your chance to give to something or someone you care about.

The gift may not be monetary, it may be support and appreciation.

Work together for the greater purpose and the community at large.


To support and be supported.

What better way to demonstrate humanity than to encourage and help your friends along

We encourage you to work together.

Support those you know and those you don’t.

As a collective, we can accomplish far more than as individuals.