Our Regimental Communities

Since October 2022, four Regimental Communities have joined the Military App platform and there are several other Regiments that may join in the coming months. We provide each Regimental Community with private groups and their own Regimental feel, however, we are seeing excellent collaboration and cross-over between members from different Regiments in localised activities.

The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals

The Household Cavalry were the first to join the Military App, with their Associations and serving Regiments.

  • We worked with the Household Cavalry Association Secretaries to build an awareness campaign ahead of the launch and to on-board their regional groups.
  • 1300+ HCav members downloaded and registered on the App within the first 5 days and this was as a result of sending only two emails to the Associations' mailing list.
  • We generated 45 new, monthly and localised activities all around the UK and some internationally, engaging HCav members from all generations (many of whom had not engaged with Regimental events for many years)
  • We have worked alongside the Blues and Royals Association in support of successful AFCFT and Veterans' Foundation grant applications.

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

The Fusiliers conducted a thorough Association review, followed by a comprehensive tender process to find the best digital platform to help them connect and support their entire Regimental family (Regular, Reservist, Veteran, Cadet Adult Volunteers and families). From seven companies, including all the prominent web and app platforms currently operating in the Regimental Association space, the Military App was chosen as the best fit and most cost effective.

  • The Fusiliers Connect project is a white label version of the Military App.
  • We built a new website, including the Military App web-App, for the Fusiliers Connect Project.
  • We have worked with the Fusiliers to built 25 new Walk+Talk and Coffee Club activations in support of their App launch.
  • We have worked daily with their RHQ team to help deliver marketing, comms, merchandise, as well as many bespoke tech requirements.
  • We delivered four successful Community Workshops across the country to help engage their community stakeholders.
  • We have produced a promo film, human content series and imagery in support of the Fusiliers Connect campaign and launch.

To find out more about how your Regimental Family can join the Military App Community please contact Robin Bourne-Taylor.

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