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Every month - a simple, no cost, no fuss way to connect

We look forward to formally welcoming the Fusiliers family to Walk+Talk for 2023. 

Supported by the Military App, the Household Cavalry Associations, the Household Cavalry Foundation, the Fusiliers Aid Society and the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. 

It is always good to connect with a member from your Regimental family or those with shared experiences across the military community. Whether you served together or not, or just share the loyalty of a unifying set of values, it is worth taking the time. And now more than ever we need to strengthen in-person peer support and encourage positive physical and mental well-being within our community. 

Walk+Talk is a simple and easy way to connect on your doorstep. We already have over 40 monthly Walk+Talk events established across the UK (and some internationally) which is over 500 touch points every year. And it is quickly growing... 

Our target is to grow to over 1000 Walk+Talk events per year, reaching members and families from multiple units in every region of the UK and beyond. 

Peer support and engagement is one of the best ways to strengthen a community and build a proactive approach to supporting positive mental and physical health. And what better way to do this than getting outside in the fresh air with one or two people we can instantly relate to and look out for.  

If you like, bring a dog, bring a brew, bring the kids... Just follow these simple steps…

Would you like to JOIN a walk in your area?

Click on the walk descriptions on this web page and sign up. Or keep an eye out for an email alert notifying you of a walk in your area.

Would you like to LEAD a walk in your area?

If so, complete the web form below and we will take it from there. We’ll process your details, set you up with a walk WhatsApp group, post your walk advert and details on this website, and email the Association members living in your area.

Here's a list of WALK + TALK events:

Click on the walk descriptions here and sign up to the chat group. All veterans, serving members and family are welcome but for New RRF led walks look for the maroon and gold logo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Safeguarding and Risk Assessments

A Walk+Talk Risk Assessment along with our Safeguarding Policy can be found here:

Risk Assessment