Connecting veterans, serving personnel and family


The platform is designed to drive positive connection across its members and Regimental communities, with a focus on in-person engagement.

Any member can propose a new group and this may be something you do as an individual or an activity that is part of a bigger veteran-based organisation that you think will benefit the community.

You may already have a group on other social platforms, or you may organize existing Regimental or community functions - so bringing that within the platform will be a great way to share what you are doing.

Once you have a group in the App you will be able to post upcoming events, share news updates and images and have group chat to help members connect.

If you would like to create a new group on the app here are some things to consider:

Types of group:

  • Activity: Activity groups can be anything from a walking group to a motorcycle group.
  • Social: These can be breakfast clubs that are open invite through to a sub group within a Regiment or a private dining club.
  • Wellbeing: Wellbeing service providers can share their support services and content within the community.
  • Professional: Organisations that support military and veteran career transition, or offer employment advise are welcome.

Who is the group for?

It is important to consider who the group is for and within the app you will have the option to set visibility and privacy settings. A group can be open to all members of the military or veteran community (most activity groups fit this model) or a regimental dining club for example may only be for a specific Regimental family.

Are you happy to be the administrator for the group?

Someone needs to manage a group and take ownership of it. This may mean sharing content, creating event adverts or managing members where needed. The groups should be active and dynamic, so please only submit a group if you are happy to take on this simple role. You will be able to add additional administrators to help with this.

Please follow the links below to request a group: Walk + Talk, Fusiliers Coffee Club or Other Group: