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A Growing Military Community

The platform launched in early October 2022 with the Household Cavalry Community and now with the Fusiliers and Royal Yeomanry, with many more regiments in the pipeline. 

For HCav members who would like to register or for members having difficulties in downloading and registering the app please click below:

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App - making the most of it

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About the App

The Military App is specifically designed to drive positive in-person connection and improved well-being within a fun and engaging community that builds a sense of belonging and purpose. Member benefits include:

  • Branded community and group pages covering your Regiment and Association, activity groups and external organsiations.
  • Member set-up with cap badge and primary Regimental group.
  • Ability to search for and connect with members across the whole community and option to share contact details. This includes regional search filters to find members near you.
  • All your Regimental Events together in one place and much more, including Walk+Talks, Regional Dinners and several new initiatives to connect members. 
  • News and Support articles to keep members updated.
  • Sign-posting to career transition advice and well-being support.
  • Emergency helplines embedded within groups.

Our app has a single entry point to a complete military community and as the app community grows we will act as a connective tissue between multiple entities and Regiments. This will increase engagement opportunities to drive connection, support and engagement for members.

How The Military App Is Different From Many App, Social Media And Technology Platforms…


The Military App is specifically designed to drive positive in-person connection and improved well-being within a fun and engaging community that builds a sense of belonging and purpose. Member benefits include:

The Military App technology is unprecedented and unique in its aim. Paradoxically, it encourages all members off the digital screen and to interact in person.

No Hooks, No Endless Scrolling, No Likes, No Shares, ….. And No Data

Instead of preying on human vulnerabilities to invoke addictive user behaviour, the Military App is a digital tool which is crafted to enhance the human connection between its members – not detract from it.

While the Military App assists in generating an initial on-screen connection, it swiftly and deftly channels that into an efficient, direct route to cultivate in-person activity - away from the tech. In between these experiences, there is room to maintain conversation, consolidate the community and plan more experiences – but in a wholly constructive manner where the end game is to put the phone down.

Flip the script on ‘hooks’…

There are specific psychological hooks embedded in most tech products which draw in users, and then keep them coming back, again and again.

The Military App removes the variable rewards, the prescribed profiling, specific goals, many of the sensory draws – and ensures all content, while interesting and informative, has a clear stopping cue.

Data is not for sale...

The Military App has zero interest in acquiring personal data for commercial gain. The model is not built around the sale of time or ‘screen time’ and so the Military App tech architecture is not compromised by conflicted commercial needs.

Lead with physical connection strategies…

The Military App structure is designed from the start to support real-life physical engagement strategies and to help Regimental Associations connect their members efficiently. This means that the tech is there in the background supporting engagement and the app is not sitting redundant and static like many platforms in this space. 

“Creating human connection is a much deeper source of value than capturing human attention”

David Jay, Centre for Humane Technology

Time to act…

There is a growing body of research linking many forms of digital social media to a decline in mental health. Many experts in this field believe that the current findings around the negative well-being impact of social media are only the tip of the iceberg.

This is significantly affecting soldiers and veterans. 

We believe that military organisations and key stakeholders must start taking a proactive stance against this, and the ethical and community driven approach behind the Military App is our first step.