Local Community Partner

How to become a Local Community Partner in the 12 x 12 x 12 Campaign

At the very heart of the 12x12x12 campaign is our desire to support and champion local community - especially those that align closely with our mission.

For each of the 12 locations we want to work with community partners - these do not have to be charities, they do need to be able to demonstrate that they are working in or for the local community.

How we help you

We will provide you with visibility on our website and promote your involvement across any social media channels. Each partner gets a page to describe what they do, how they help and what they are going to do on the day. We are only a small team but we will do our best to get your message out there.

There is no prescribed format to your involvement, we want to provide a platform and venue for you to get your community engaged. Everything about the event is designed to be as inclusive as possible and that includes not telling you how to join in.

We can also help you with your fundraising - if you are registered with JustGiving then we can add to you our fundraising team, if you are not then we can help you to collect donations on your behalf through our website. 

Our aim is simple, by bringing together all the positive voices from the local community we can make more noise and a bigger impact.

what do we need to do? 

We need to know what you want to do on the day and who or what you are fundraising for. We'd love it if you supported one of our official charities but this is not a requirement.

The events are a blank canvas, they are for you to engage and activate your community in a way that works.

Each event is held on a 5-6km course, where possible these are on paved roads/tracks. Our basecamp is the start/finish of each loop, the course "opens" at 0700 in the morning and "closes" at 1900 - between those times we are out looping around the course. So join in - walk a loop, run a loop, jog a couple - see how far you can go, there's no set rule, there's no expectation - just take the first step.

How many loops can your group complete? How many people can you get to do a loop? The youngest person, the oldest, it's what makes the most sense for you and your community, some go far, some go fast - the point is - we are all going together.

Please let us know via the form here that you'd like to be a partner and then we'll help you from there.