Come together to Walk&Talk with friends


Gather a group of friends, family and colleagues - because we are all Better Together


Choose a time and place to meet during the Jubilee weekend (2-5th June, 2022) 


Go! Enjoy a walk together, go for a jog or stretch out for a run


Share with your community #walk&talk #jubileejog


Feel great and donate £5 to any of the partner charities or your own choice

Let's unite around this unique opportunity with a single event, a simple message: that we are all Better Together.

Jubilee Jog marks the launch of Walk&Talk: Our simple, fully inclusive, free and accessible mission to bring communities together once again.


Supporting Partners

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Now, more than ever, we need to strengthen in-person, peer support and cultivate opportunities for positive physical and mental well-being across all communities.

Inclusively, we aim to address this, helping support individuals and groups who have been starved of human connection, back into shared, in-person experiences.

We sense society at large is struggling, more than ever, to have the courage to 'get out of the front door' - simply to get to the start line.

We work to remove the barrier to entry and any friction in the process of "showing up" and joining in.