How to apply

Campaigns for Community

We are an independent funder and set out to support projects which cultivate human connection and community, through shared activity.

We will consider applications across sport, health and wellbeing, education in its widest sense, and those that cover social issues.

Our focus is to connect individuals and communities, and to encourage movement and physical activity - enabling individuals to reach their full potential, their own 100%.

The Allegr Foundation will consider projects or causes, on both an individual and/or group basis, which can clearly illustrate:

  • Efforts to increase the regularity and frequency or scope of people’s physical movement and activity
  • Movement-based events / initiatives which aim to connect, benefit and support community cohesion
  • Individuals with illnesses or disabilities which hinder their social interaction and physical movement
  • Initiatives with a compelling story, which illustrate an individual is pledging to surpass a personal goal and committing their 100%

Practical Aspects

What sort of organisation can we fund?

We fund charitable and not-for-profit organisations. We target our funding towards individuals, issues and organisations which do not enjoy widespread public support.

What sort of grant can we make?

Our grants typically fall in the range of £500 - £5000

Our Process

We have a two-stage application process which we hope will reduce the time and effort you spend on making your request to us. You can apply at any time and can normally expect to receive a decision from us within 1 month although it is a good idea to allow three months for a decision.

Stage One

During stage One we will validate all applications against our criteria, we will also make sure that we are selecting a set of campaigns that we are in a position to fund for the period we are selecting. During Stage One we pay particular attention to the following:

  • The quality of your proposal
  • Whether there is a strong alignment between your objectives and the founding principles of Allegr

Please bear these factors in mind when you answer the Stage One questions.

Please submit your application through our online form. Please make sure any supporting documents are uploaded with your application. Once submitted, you should receive an automatic email acknowledgement (do check your junk mail folders).

Please understand that your proposal may be turned down even if your work is important and interesting. We receive many more applications than we can support and many do not make it beyond Stage One.

Stage Two

Stage Two provides an opportunity to provide a more fully developed and formal proposal. If you are invited to make a Stage Two application and answer additional questions, we will give you one month to respond. We will also give you a date by which you can expect a final decision from us.

Once we have received your Stage Two application, we look much more closely at your proposal and your organisation.

If we are considering bringing this to the Directors, we might ask to come and visit your Chief Executive, a Director, other key staff and, if appropriate, one of your service users. We will also follow up references.

Trustees meet approximately every quarter and you will be informed of their decision as soon as possible.

We hope this will help you consider whether your work is a good fit with the objectives of Allegr.