Downloading the Fusiliers Connect App

This information is only for members of the Fusilier Family. If you are not a member of the Fusilier Family you should download the Military App version of the App instead.

The quickest way to get the code is check your Association emails, however, if you are a member of the Fusilier family and cannot find a Group Access code please follow this link to go through a verification process: 

Step 1


The first step is to download the app (this process is the same if you want to update the app - just click Update instead of Install). Please click the correct link below from your phone to take you to the App / Play Store to download and install the Military App.

(if you cannot use this link you can also try searching for "Military App" in your App Store)

Step 2

Register as a Member

From the main sign-in page of the app near the bottom select “No account yet? Register”

Then fill in your first and last name and email. When you type in your email please double check for typos or errors as this can cause members a delay.

Then select your Regiment as Fusilier Connect.

After selecting your Regiment you will be asked to fill in your GROUP CODE. This will have been sent to you initially in an email from your Association or Unit. If you do not have this you can request it from your Association Secretary or by emailing stating your Regiment and that you are requesting the Group Access Code.

Step 3

Activate your Account

By completing registration in Step 2 you will have been sent an automatic email from with your 6 digit Unique Verification Code.

Select Activate my Account from the bottom of the main sign in page and on the next page please type or paste in your Unique Verification Code.

Then proceed to set up your profile details.


Frequently asked questions:

If you have tried some of the above steps and are still having a problem (don’t worry, this can be quickly solved) please email letting us know your issue and we will help you get set up ASAP.

If you have tried to register without success, let us know a number to contact you on and a suitable time and we will give you a call.