Coffee Club is an easy way for family, veterans, serving Fusiliers (regular and reservist) and cadet adult volunteers to get together locally over a brew. It's a simple, no fuss way to connect and the Fusiliers Aid Society are supporting by covering some of the cost. Any member of the Military App Community can join or friends and family of members are more than welcome.

All Coffee Club groups and event adverts can now be found within the Military App or Fusiliers Connect App - Please note that as the Fusiliers launch and bring members into the digital platform Coffee Clubs will continue to be advertised via Regimental emails as well as Coffee Club WhatsApp groups.

Coffee Club is one of several new initiatives being launched as part of the Fusiliers Connect 2023 strategy to better connect and support the Fusilier community. Some members, for whatever reason, cannot make a dinner or a walk, and so grabbing a coffee with like-minded people can provide that fun and much needed touch point. You don't have to know each other at first, or have served together, and family is at the heart of this.

To start with ten Coffee Clubs have been set up all around the UK.

How does Coffee Club work?

Each Coffee Club meets at least 4 times a year and the first 10 clubs will receive £100 each year to buy the brews for the group.

To volunteer as a Coffee Club leader just fill out the form below.

A Coffee Club can be held in any local Coffee shop, restaurant or even a home, and the location, time and date are up to the Club leader. We help the club leader advertise their Coffee Club events and will get the groups set up on the new Fusiliers Connect app. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please fill in the form below to volunteer as a Fusiliers Coffee Club Leader:

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Please see the video below to hear about our exciting new digital platform launching in April 2023 to better connect the Fusilier Family.