COVID-Secure Guidance Notes

Last Updated: 18th March

We understand that everyone has their own views and perceptions around risk and we respect that - we are here to set out a safe framework to operate within the rules and guidance, so that everyone can focus on the event and enjoy their time safely.

Below sets out our position on Covid-19, we will amend the guidance based on new information as and when it becomes available, we form our guidance below from HM Government and UK Athletics.

Covid-19 Planning

When planning Covid-secure events, we focus on the following areas: Participant experience, Event Specific Activities and Event Management.

During these challenging times, our priority is to ensure the safety of our visitors and staff whilst providing the best participant experience possible. We continuously monitor all government advice and regulations to ensure that the experience we provide complies with all regulations and offers a risk-free experience for all.

Guidance for all participants and supports

Before and After

All participants and supporters are asked to stick to the "rule of 6". Once you are no longer engaged in the event you need to ensure that you are adhering to the "rule of 6" or are two households.

The event base camp in the big yellow tents will have hand sanitiser at the entrance for you to use.

During the run/walk

Whilst there is no strict limit to the numbers of people that can form a group, for the avoidance of confusion we request that "groups" no larger than 6 are formed.

Please respect those that wish to keep distance, this it not a race - take your time, enjoy the journey.

No mass start

Our events don't feature a mass start - our "continuous loop" structure ensures that we are naturally spaced out around the course.

Simply show up and get moving.


We expect all participants to be self-supported throughout their run.

By making the loops relatively short those choosing to complete longer distances are able to keep their own nutrition and hydration at the base camp. This ensures that we are not only reducing our use of single use plastics but we are also removing the need for shared "aid stations".

Face Masks

The entire event is outside, there is no requirement to wear a face mask, however you can if you feel more comfortable.

The Official Guidance - published by Sport England 18th March 2021

From 29th MARCH

Outdoor organised sport and physical activity is permitted in larger numbers. This means that organised outdoor individual and team sport, outdoor exercise classes (including walking groups) and organised sport participation events can happen with any number of participants, as long as it’s undertaken in line with Covid-secure guidance.

What constitutes organised outdoor sport and physical activity?

Organised outdoor sport and physical activity must be formally organised by a qualified instructor, club, national governing body, company or charity and follow sport-specific guidance where appropriate.

Organised outdoor sports and activities include:

Organised outdoor group activities (such as, but not limited to, outdoor exercise classes, group cycle rides, walking groups etc.)
Outdoor team sports (including adapted versions for ‘higher risk’ team sports)
Other organised outdoor sports, (such as, but not limited to, tennis, golf, horse riding, water sports etc.)
Organised sport participation events (such as, but not limited to, road races, running and cycling events, triathlons etc.).

If the sport is not formally organised, or the sport-specific guidance is not being followed, this is considered to be informal or self-organised sport and will need to follow the guidance on outdoor legal gathering limits.

An example of informal or self-organised sport would be some friends playing sport in a park.

Participants should adhere to social distancing when not actively participating, e.g. during breaks in play, or when awaiting substitutions. Social interaction before and after playing any sport should only take place in separate and distinct groups consisting of up to six people or two households. 

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