Military App Community Managers Safeguarding Briefing Note

We ask that all Community Managers on the Military App read this briefing note.

The Military App is a digital community platform meant for veterans, serving military and adult family members. As community managers we ask that you inform a Military App representative if you believe any member on the platform to be under the age of 18 years old.

The Military App, and its engagement activity Walk+talk, is committed to Safeguarding Adults in line with national legislation and relevant national and local guidelines. We will safeguard adults by ensuring that our Walk+Talk activities, and our organised digital community, the Military App, are delivered in a way which keeps all adults safe and by creating a culture of zero-tolerance of harm to adults.

The Military App team is not responsible for providing Safeguarding care or oversight for engagements outside of Walk+Talk that are advertised on the Military App platform, but not facilitated by our team. For these activities, that fall outside our remit, Safeguarding responsibility, and other forms of liability, sits with the organising group or member.

Walk+Talk is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment and so all Walk Leaders have been sent a Safeguarding briefing note with contact information, basic action points and a link to our full Safeguarding Policy.

The following information is specifically for Military App Community Managers:

Anyone who has a concern about harm on the platform can make a report to the Military App Safeguarding Lead, Rachel Mitchell

If as Community Managers you notice any activity on the platform that is abusive or neglectful, or discriminatory of age, ability or disability, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital or gender status, we ask that you immediately report it the Safeguarding Lead above so that we can take appropriate action. We ask that you report any incidents or concerns to us, even if you independently follow your own organisation’s Safeguarding Procedures and Chain of Command.

Personal information can be shared with the consent of the adult concerned.The circumstances when we need to share information without the adult’s consent include those where: it is not safe to contact the adult to gain their consent; you believe they or someone else is at risk, including children; it is necessary to contact the police to prevent a crime, or to report that a serious crime has been committed; the adult does not have mental capacity to consent to information being shared about them; the person causing harm has care and support needs; the concerns are about an adult at risk living in Wales or Northern Ireland (where there is a duty to report to the Local Authority).

When information is shared without the consent of the adult this must be explained to them, when it is safe to do so, and any further actions should still fully include them.

In the event of a Community Manager or any member wanting to seek independent Safeguarding advise we recommend they contact: Ann Craft Trust, Tel: 0115 951 5400 Email: Website:

Briefing Note can be downloaded here:

Our full Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded here: