The virtual little brother of Walk+Talk

A stopgap to getting members connected in person

Walk+Talk has already shown such a positive impact on members. The benefit and enjoyment is clear. However, there are members all over the world, who can’t for whatever reason at this time make an in-person Walk+Talk, but still want that positive experience of connecting with the Regiment. Click+Talk is a stop-gap solution to this problem.

How it works…

Click + Talk connects any two members online, for a 20 minute video call.

  • Click + Talk is a one-time call with no repeat commitment
  • If a member does it more than once it will be with a different member every time
  • There is one simple introduction to start a Click+Talk call where each member gets 2 minutes to tell the other a bit about when they served and their time in the Regiment. After that it is down to them.

What we have seen with Walk + Talk is that members are signing up to a walk without knowing who is in the group. Members from different generations who have never met before are bonding over shared values… Old friends who haven’t seen each other for years are re-connecting… Members are finding the experience of this new and almost unexpected connection one of the most rewarding parts of Walk + Talk. 

And here’s the fun bit…

To mirror this, with Click+Talk you do not know who you are going to talk to until the call starts. Each time it will be someone new, something unexpected, but rooted in something that works.

Want to get involved?

Simply sign up below by giving your name, mobile number and email, then selecting an available Click+Talk slot, then press SUBMIT.

Every Wednesday 10am – the NAAFI break slot

To start with we are running a weekly Click+Talk slot at 10am on Wednesday. Just like in NAAFI break there is a short (20min) window for a catch up and a chat.

When you submit a request to join a Click+Talk slot we will then send to your email a calendar invite for the call and the ZOOM video link. Within 3 days of submitting you will either receive a WhatsApp message or a call from us to make sure that you have received it and are happy with the set up.