To help us support community, human connection and movement - our mission

The fundamental goal of The Allegr Foundation is to make a positive impact across communities; assisting deeper human connection and supporting increased physical movement - leading to improved mental and physical wellbeing.

If you are looking to donate to a specific campaign, please take a look at the active campaigns here.

Donation to the Allegr Foundation are used to fund:

  • Grants and direct funding for projects and campaigns
  • Operational and financial support for your fundraising campaigns
  • Community events
  • Operational activity of the Foundation

We are not yet a charity, as such cannot claim GIftAid, we are a Not-for-Profit.

Our fundraising promise to you:

  • We will commit to high standards
  • We will be clear, honest & open
  • We will be respectful
  • We are fair & reasonable
  • We will be accountable & responsible