At Allegr we emphatically refute Mr Zuckerberg’s outlandish claim.

Connection doesn’t need to evolve. 

Why are these tech billionaires obsessed with redefining a new humanity? Humans have existed, indeed thrived for millions of years working in delicate symbiosis with this planet, I'm not convinced that an alternate reality is really the solution to the issues within society at large?

In a world where every health metric linked to the use of technology is moving in the wrong direction, we think one question needs answering: is more technology the answer?

We are living through a rapid period of change; technology marches forwards at a pace few can comprehend, and even fewer control. Humanity has survived many other periods of change and uncertainty.  This is different.  Information spreads around the globe in seconds; not only does it spread quickly, but it is controlled by a handful of private companies. This rapid change is often referred to as an evolution - the implication being that it is somehow a "human evolution", It is not. 

Reflect on the world around you ...... for every enhancement in the modern world, there is a slew of unintended consequences and harm. We don’t need more advancement, we need less.  We actually need to be more human. We need to reimagine our relationship with technology to be one where we are its master and it is a tool for our use; not where we are beholden to its endorphin-linked highs, addiction and negative consequences.

Why is the tech industry obsessed with redefining a new humanity?

One reason.


Meta, simply put, marks a dangerous attempt to deliver a “new world” from a company with a clear track record of not understanding the consequences of their actions, or worse still not caring about those consequences.  We are not here to judge the impact of Facebook on the world, We're just not convinced that it is a net positive impact.

Humans have evolved over thousands of years, a process to which we should be looking at more closely. Many of the problematic issues within society today are direct result of a misunderstanding between our human minds and their evolutionary journey. The shift to online and virtual worlds does not nourish the fundamental needs of human beings.

The idea that one person or company should be in control of a new "metaverse", a hybrid of reality and virtual reality, should be the biggest wake up call to humanity ever. This is not an opportunity for growth, for learning, for connection - it is an attack on the very essence of what it is to be a human - physical connection and in-person community. 

At Allegr we fundamentally believe that real human connection and community must be at the epicentre of a thriving humanity. We're not here to say that there is no place for virtual and augmented reality at all, but it must certainly not be our focal point. 

Make no mistake, Meta is not about connection, Meta is about money. 

I can’t help but associate Facebook owning the metaverse with a deep and gnawing sense of dread.

Imogen West-Knights, The Guardian