Pretty simple really. Or is it? 

For months, the pandemic has gripped the attention of everyone. It’s been the topic of conversation, I’d wager, more frequently discussed than the British weather… and yet why?

What can YOU do about it? The reality is, a fairly limited amount. But what you can do is control your response to the situation.

We’ve been frustrated too. Just as we are trying to organise events and launch Allegr in earnest - another lockdown - bringing yet more uncertainty and frustrations. The knee jerk reaction is to resist and argue against what is happening. But that actually doesn’t get us anywhere, apart from being stressed and angry. 

So what CAN we do?

Such an important perspective – during a global pandemic, but also in life as well as business.

With this constructive outlook, there is actually so much we can do, there are so many opportunities to look up, look outward, look for opportunities. While many avenues have been shut off, the adage that as one door closes, another opens is never truer. This outlook is central to the Allegr philosophy. Let’s radar in on what we can do – and let that eclipse any negativity about what we can’t.

  • Do we control the lockdown? No 
  • Can we still exercise and be active? Yes
  • Can we meet up with our mates? Yes.. ish

So the answer is right there. Not in the list of lockdown constraints, but in the list of exceptions - by simply focussing on what we can do we were able to do find opportunity.

The premise is simple: Choose 1 person, Pick 1 activity and Donate to 1 charity. Then take this positivity, and pass it on. A simple outlook to max out what we can do, engage in precious human connection, sharing some – any – kind of experience together, and channel the feel good which will be inevitable into a charitable cause which is aligned with helping people feel better.

We wanted to focus the donations on charities we believe will be part of the solution to this current situation. There are many, but these two struck a chord. The Samaritans - on the front line to help those who are in real difficultly. YoungMinds was the other choice, to provide support to the next generation struggling to navigate these uncertain times.

So here we are, pushing out our Campaign. Hopefully it will build momentum and for all those people that take part, a reminder of what we can do. We can take that step and, in the face of adversity, there is always a path through.

Thank you to anyone who wishes to support directly, share the message or simply find a mate, a colleague or frankly anyone who needs a helping hand - and make that moment.

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