Hello and Welcome to The Allegr 12 Olveston, Bristol Event.
We’re delighted you’re here, and really hope you’ll join in.

What's happening on SUNDAY JULY 25th?

Ben will run for 12 hours non-stop around a 6 k loop around Olveston and Tockington.

We’d love you to join in - for some, or all of this. As slow or as fast as you want, for as little or as much time as you wish.  

The course will open at 0700 and close at 1900. Between those times you are free to show up, and go as far, or for as long, as you can. Not because you have to, but because you want to.

Just join the loop (with your people / community or alone) and bring your 100%.  

Ben’s 12 hour mission might be the headline, but the real story of the Campaign lies with YOU all - the people who show up on the day – and the many individuals across the country who will also be joining in remotely.  

Your distance. Your pace.

Just bring yourself and enjoy the chance to connect
and engage with your local community.

As simple as... 1, 2, 3

1. I'm interested ...

Please buy your ticket, only £12, which gets you entry, a wig and a discount voucher for food/drinks.

It also allows us to contact you if there are any important changes or information that we need to tell you ahead of, or on, the day.

2. Show Up

Just show up. There is no start time, no pressure, no expectation.  You really do just need get there. 

Too slow? Worried you aren't fit enough? Worried about the right kit? DON'T BE.

All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other, we promise the rest will just happen.

Where do you need to get to? Olveston Tennis Club, details below.

3. Join In

We want you to enjoy yourself, it's really that simple.

Just do a lap and see how you feel, do another if you want.

It's not about how far, it's about how you feel during and afterwards.



Give Ben and everyone else  a cheer when you see them.  Ben will have a big yellow wig on... pretty easy to spot! (So can you - get yours here)

If you wish to support the fundraising efforts of this campaign, then please click on the logo of the charity/cause below that you wish to support and you will be taken to the appropriate JustGiving / donation page.


The route will start and end at the Olveston Tennis Club, there is limited parking - the lap is approximately 6km long.

The route is on pavements and roads, there will be simple markings, however it is easy to follow. Details will be shown in the Yellow Tent on the noticeboard or are available to download here: Garmin or Strava.

This is all about participating in whichever way that you want - so join in at whatever time you wish, for as long as you want, at whatever pace you feel like.

Just follow the route - it really is that simple.

Please remember: leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but memories.

Olveston Entry Ticket (Allegr 12)
Olveston Entry Ticket (Allegr 12)


Your ticket gets you entry, a yellow wig and a discount voucher for a meal. Event packs will be named and ready for collection at the big yellow tent of joy on the day.

Lyndsey and Glen will be providing our fantastic food and drink, this will be served in the afternoon and into the evening.  You can expect a delicious range of plant-based nutritious food and a selection of cold drinks.

Kids go free - anyone under 16 doesn't need a ticket.

FOOD & DRINK at the JOy Inn

All that running can be make you thirsty and hungry, luckily we have got the fabulous Lyndsey and Glen who will be catering and running a bar at the Tennis Club.

A wonderful plant-powered menu with a selection of soft drinks and some of the finest local breweries finest beer and cider.

We really hope that you will enjoy the occasion with family and friends. The Joy Inn will be open from 1300.

Here's the menu


Please refer to the latest Government guidance for the complete and accurate information, however at this point in time there are no restrictions in place.

Face masks not required... wigs preferred!

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