Welcome to the Final Allegr 12 - London Event.
We’re delighted you’re here, and really hope you’ll join in.

What's happening on THURSDAY DECEMBER 9th?

Allegr Co-Founder, Ben, will run for 12 hours non-stop around a 5k loop in central London - aiming to hit the Fundraising Target of £12,000 for Samaritans.

We’d love you to join in - for some, or all of this. As slow or as fast as you want, for as little or as much time as you wish.  

The course will open at 06:00 and close at 1800. Between those times you are free to show up, and go as far, or for as long, as you can. 

Meet at our event Hub, join Ben and the jogging train -
individually, or with your team - and simply go as far as you fancy.

Ben’s 12 hour mission might be the headline, but the real story of the Campaign lies with YOU all - the people who show up on the day – and the many individuals across the country who will also be joining in remotely.  

Your distance. Your pace.

As simple as... 1, 2, 3

1. I'm interested ...

Please register, this is vital - simply so that we can ensure we are sticking to the rules.

It also allows us to contact you if there are any important changes or information that we need to tell you ahead of, or on, the day.

2. Show Up

Just show up. There is no start time, no pressure, no expectation.  You really do just need get there. 

Too slow? Worried you aren't fit enough? Worried about the right kit? DON'T BE.

All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other, we promise the rest will just happen.

Where do you need to get to?
Rose & Crown
Colombo Street,
London, SE1 8DP

3. Join In

We want you to enjoy yourself, it's really that simple.

Just do a lap and see how you feel, do another if you want.

It's not about how far, it's about how you feel during and afterwards.

TEAM entry:

TEAM TICKETs - £250 (£100 to SAMARITANS)

> Gather up to 10 participants, per team 
> Sign up and pay by clicking the button below

> Meet at the Event Hub - where you can collect your Event pack Registration - named and ready
> Step on board the Allegr XII Run-Train, which will come through the basecamp at approximate 40  minute intervals* - starting at 0600 

> Run, Jog, Walk - Together.  1 loop (5k) ..... or more ..... 

> Celebrate with your teammates over a drink and a bite to eat

A selection of team awards (best dressed, furthest, slowest etc)

> A chance for shared activity with your colleagues, celebrating Christmas and being together, while fundraising for Samaritans
> Entry for up to 10 participants
> Goodie Bag
> A tree planted for each runner via Trees Not Tees

Team Captains will be contacted before the event for team and participant names.

*Specific 'run-train' times will be circulated ahead of the event, to help your plans



> Sign up and pay by clicking the button above

> Meet at the Event Hub - where you can collect your Event pack Registration - named and ready
> Step on board the Allegr XII Run-Train, which will come through the basecamp at approximate 40 minute intervals* - starting at 0600
> Run, Jog, Walk. 1 loop (5k) ..... or more .....

> The chance for shared, in person activity, celebrating Christmas and being together, while fundraising for Samaritans
> Personal entry
> £10 donated to Samaritans
> Goodie Bag
> A tree planted for each runner via Trees Not Tees

*Specific 'run-train' times will be circulated ahead of the event, to help your plans

** Kids go free - anyone under 16 doesn't need a ticket


FUNDRAISING - PLEASE help us smash our target

Give Ben and everyone else a cheer when you see them.  Ben will have a big yellow wig on... pretty easy to spot!

If you wish to support the fundraising efforts of this campaign, then please click on the logo of the charity/cause below that you wish to support and you will be taken to the appropriate JustGiving / donation page.


The route will start and end at the Rose and Crown - approximately 5km long. Full route details on STRAVA or PDF MAP here.

The route is on pavements, there will be simple markings, however it is easy to follow. Details will be shown in the Yellow Tent on the noticeboard.

There are a few road crossings, this is NOT A RACE, cross when it safe to do so.

This is all about participating in whichever way that you want - so join in at whatever time you wish, for as long as you want, at whatever pace you feel like.

Just follow the route - it really is that simple.

Please remember: leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but memories.


We have arranged for all participants to be able to access the changing facilities over at the Colombo Centre, details will be sent to all participants before the event. www.colombocentre.co.uk

Food, Drink & AFTER PARTY

All that running can be make you thirsty and hungry. 

We'll all be celebrating at the Rose and Crown from 1800 onwards, please join us. (Rose & Crown Colombo Street, Blackfriars SE1 8DP)

We really hope that you will enjoy the occasion with and friend and colleagues.


We’re partnering with Trees Not Tees to plant a tree instead of you receiving an event t-shirt.

Planting a tree is one of the best things you can do to fight climate change, as they remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow.

They also provide a habitat for a wide range of the UK’s most endangered and loved species, and create clean air for us to breathe.

Your tree will be planted in Scotland to grow as part of a whole new forest full of native broadleaf tree species. You’ll receive a certificate from Trees Not Tees that includes a picture of your tree, details of the species, and a unique geo-location address so you can even go and visit. To find out more, click this link to see their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I need to get to?

The Rose & Crown, Colombo Street, Blackfriars, SE1 8DP. It's a 10 minute walk from either Blackfriars Tube (District Line) or Waterloo Station. Map here.

Where do I register / meet my colleagues?

The Allegr Basecamp is a yellow tent, located in the back garden of the Rose & Crown Pub (address above). This will be open from 6am (when Ben will start the 12 hour run) and all registration will be here until 11am. From 11am - 6pm, the pub will be open - and, during this time, we will use their UPSTAIRS FUNCTION ROOM to meet and register.

Is there anywhere to change and shower?

Please register when you arrive and collect your wristband. This will grant you complimentary access to showers and changing facilities, should you require them, at the adjacent Colombo Centre Gym. 

Is there anywhere to leave my bag?

You are welcome to leave you bag in the Allegr tent, or in the Pub's function room while you run. Unfortunately, we can't be responsible for your belongings, but there will be an Allegr representative present in this room throughout the day.

Is there a specific start time?

No. Arrive any time between 6am and 5pm to suit your individual or team plans. Join Ben as he passes through basecamp for as many 5k loops as you fancy. Each loop generally takes him between 30-40 minutes. If you'd prefer to walk - please walk. Just enjoy the route and supporting the cause.

Remind me of the Route

A great loop down Southbank, over Lambeth and Westminster Bridges, and back. Epic. PDF Map here or Strava Details here.

Will there be anywhere to get food and a drink?

YES - OF COURSE :-). Onsite at the pub - menu here for pub grub from 1100.

What's the weather forecast?

Right now - 6-8 degrees, moderate breeze, small chance of rain. BBC Forecast here.

Anything else?

Show up. Have fun. And, yes, we plan to remain in the pub until last orders - stick around and celebrate with us if you can. #Bettertogether

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