Connection. Community.

The #yourplus1 Campaign 

Welcome to the Campaign and Fundraising page to encourage connection within society 

At Allegr, we like to focus on what we CAN do.

Presently,  we can meet 1 other person outdoors, and do something together.  So, let’s walk and talk with a neighbour, run with a buddy, cycle with a colleague.

Create an opportunity to look beyond yourself to do something for, and with, someone else. Give, and you both gain.

Lend your ear, your voice, your shoulder, your time.  Your patience, your energy, your hope, your love ...... to those who need that time and connection. 

Take action.  Create the moment,  Share the experience.  Because we passionately believe that 1 + 1 becomes infinitely greater than 2.  

Me + You = Community
Me + You = Humanity

As a species, connection has always been critical to our survival. 

The social and physical restrictions in place as a consequence of COVID_19 have placed an unprecedented strain on individuals, communities and humanity.  

As part of the #yourplus1 Campaign,  specific fundraising will be directed towards two incredible charities, who are overwhelmed with another pandemic - that of mental health and loneliness.  Please donate via the buttons below.

Creating Community.  Spreading Joy.

How can you help?  

Let's do what we can.

We can meet 1 other person outdoors, and do something together.

So, choose #yourplus1

CHOOSE 1 person
PICK 1 activity
DONATE to 1 charity
Pass it on 👉

How to spread the joy ...

On Instagram, post a photo. Tag @_allegr, #yourplus1 then nominate and tag others to do the same.

It’s that simple.

You and #yourplus1 - creating community and spreading joy.

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Interested to know more about why we are doing this? Here's a bit of background.


  • Ben BurchMar 30, 2021


    What a cracking effort last night. Brilliant,
    Peter Lemon

  • Jo ZonneveldNov 15, 2020

    Great idea! Something so positive!

  • Gareth WilsonNov 12, 2020

    Great campaign. Great fun. G 👆

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